You may need a consultation if:

Did you inherit a collection that you know nothing about?

Are you having an estate or garage sale and need someone to come through and pinpoint what is worth pursuing further and what isn’t?

Do you have a lot of questions that you need answered and don’t want or need a lengthy report?

Are you in a dispute or disagreement over the cost, price or value?

Are you looking for a painting or print, but can’t seem to find one by the artist?

Do you want to start collecting or need to some assistance in identifying how to put a collection together?

We can represent you at auctions with:

  • Live bidding
  • Online bidding
  • Absentee bidding
  • Telephone bidding
  • Private bidding

Talk to us to learn why you may need a consultant to bid for you. You may also be interested in Private Auctions, which we are able to locate for you.

Corporate Collections

The majority of our corporate consulting has been with The Art of Emprise Collection headquartered in Wichita, Kansas with Emprise Bank. It’s arguably the most comprehensive collection of Kansas artists. The collection has cast a large net with key 19th, 20th and 21st century artists that are important to Kansas’ Artistic History.  

Artists including, but not limited to: Birger Sandzen, Alfred Montgomery, William S. Burroughs, Herschel Logan, Aaron Douglas, Lester Raymer, Henry Varnum Poor and more modern works by Phil Epp, Steve Murillo, Kris Kuksi, Constance Ernatt and Tim Stone.
We’ve placed works in this collection by: Tom Otterness, Bill Harrison, Nathan Williams, Charles Dooman, Elizabeth Sprague, Michael Nicholson, John Noble and more. We’ve also placed works by direct purchase in the Albrecht-Kemper Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri and the Nelson-Atkin’s Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

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