Art, Artworks & Artists

Art of Estates began as an art appraisal company. Our early beginnings in the art market were driven by passion-driven interests. Therefore, writing articles on art, artworks, and artists is a natural fit for Art of Estates, art appraisal.

Art is the application of creative skills in the visual form. Artworks are the visual form born from these creative skills. An artist is often the creative drive behind the art or artwork. These may come in the form of a sculpture, print, drawing, oil painting, or perhaps an intangible digital graphic.

Art means many different things today. Art can be tangible or intangible form and made by artificial intelligence.

Art of Estates will be writing articles on relevant local art, artworks, and artists in Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, and Kansas.

The History of Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati Ohio

The History of Rookwood Pottery in Cincinnati Ohio

Rookwood Pottery has a long history of delighting ceramics lovers from all over the world. The company is a Cincinnati…

2 years ago

William Kautzman’s Regionalism Roots with Benton and Kansas City

William Kautzman’s regionalism roots with Thomas Hart Benton as his teacher in Kansas City Missouri area are undeniable influences for…

2 years ago

Vance Kirkland: Abstract in the American Canon

Known as "the Father of Modern Colorado Painting," Vance Kirkland was an instrumental aspect of the development of art in…

3 years ago

The Hoosier Group’s Legacy on Indiana and the World

When Art of Estates, an art and personal property appraisal firm appraises collections throughout the state of Indiana, we frequently…

4 years ago

Birger Sandzén: Celebrated Artist from Kansas to Colorado

Birger Sandzén is a noted Swedish artist who emerges as an important painter of the Western landscape in both Kansas…

4 years ago

The Shifting Sands of Art, Technology, & the Internet

The early 21st century is a time of significant change, as digital technologies begin to supersede every facet of our…

4 years ago